Friday, July 31, 2015

Denver Life Coach

If you are frustrated, stressed out and filled with anxiety, your decision making is not what it used to be.  Tracy Neely is a Denver life coach who can help you get your life back together.  We work to help people identify their strengths and natural talents allowing them to flourish.

Working from a position of strength can set you on a path where your existing talents are best suited.  As a life coach, some of the services we deal with are; career path coaching, relationship issues, cognitive self-change, emotional intelligence, motivational interviewing and more.

Committed to a strengths-based approach and being a part of the catalyst that empowers you to achieve your goals and strike a healthy balance in your life, I will put you on the road to recovery. I want to spend less time focusing on problems or deficiencies, and more time helping you to identify your everyday competencies and gifts.  When you are looking in Denver for a life coach you have come to the right place!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Relationship Coaching Denver

Relationships take work no matter if they are family or friends.  They can bring great joy and sometimes create great hardship.  If you are having problems with a relationship and are looking for relationship coaching in Denver, call Tracy Neely today.

Everyone has stress and anxiety in their daily lives.  Some of us more than others.  If your life is becoming frustrating, confusing and stressful, your decision making can become impaired.  The “train” simply slides off the tracks.  Relationship coaching can help you go from simply going through the motions, to flourishing in your everyday life.

We work with individuals to help them identify their strengths and talents.  This will allow you to work from a position of strength to help set you on a path where your talents are best suited to promote health and wellness.  Call to schedule your appointment today when you are seeking relationship coaching in Denver.

Career Path Coaching Denver

If you just can’t seem to find your direction, it may be time to consider a life coach.  As one of the most powerful forms of support, it can create a revolutionary change in our lives.  Through personal discovery and self-awareness, clients learn to make effective choices.  If you are seeking to find career path coaching in Denver, call Tracy Neely today.

When your career is at a standstill but you don’t know why, we can help with issues from how to write a resume for today’s employer to emotional issues that may be sabotaging your efforts.  You will find the support and expertise for your career path coaching right here.

Every person has the choice to spend time trying to reach their goals or remain passive in their current situation.  By identifying a powerful, personal vision, we can help you succeed. With your inner strength, intelligence and motivation our career path coaching in Denver will help you reach your goals.

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together....."

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together...."

This week I was reminded of the trueness of the old parable "Birds of a feather flock together."  While spending time at the North Idaho Correctional Institution, I cross paths daily with several of the local staff members.  While it's important to establish healthy interactions in the workplace, mixing of these minds can be trepidatious.  One of the staff often solicits feedback on the Criminal Justice System, and its effectiveness in maintaining public safety.  However, the discussions almost always lands on addictions treatment.  After, several minutes it became clear that she was disregarding the high-level discussion on a national hot topic, and instead focusing on her meth addicted cousin, and looking to me to offer treatment solutions.  Here's a young lady who overcame a poverty stricken childhood, laced with violence and addiction, and graduated from college and now on a professional career path.  Unfortunately, she has maintained the same old mentality.

As a Life Coach, I inspire individuals to enhance their lives and achieve their goals, so they can enjoy complete health and wellness everyday!  But in this instance, the person before me (despite overcoming dire circumstances), remains stuck in her highly dysfunctional past.  She's a college graduate, yet married a man who hasn’t yet graduated from high school.  She’s a criminal justice professional with an opportunity to advance her own career path, but fixated on her cousin's methamphetamine addiction and temporarily living in a "5th-wheel" camp trailer (with no running water on some nights).  Needless to say, converging our paths often results in frustration, even though we enjoy moments of great chemistry.  Life is simply much more enjoyable when spending time around like-minded people who are currently experiencing or pursuing your desired lifestyle.  If you are in a similar situation, save yourself some time and energy, because trying to make this relationship work can be an exercise in futility. 

Preserve your brain cells and avoid a ride on an emotional rollercoaster by adhering to the timeless parable; "Birds of A Feather Flock Together...."